Anchor Objectives

1. Set fast and hold your boat.
2. Be able to always retrieve it.

This Anchor Excels at Both!

The deep flukes work well on anything from
hard scoured bottom to mud or sand or rocks.

50 pound test zip tie holds the chain
to the shank for normal anchor operation
but when you are hung up you can break
the zip tie loose and pull it out upside down

This design has had 4 years of testing
on multiple types of boats by some pretty tough critics.

There are 3 models
Price Changed
on March 1st

for boats 18' or longer
and Pontoons
20 #
Now $90
for boats under 18'
16 #
Now $85
For smaller boats or
low current areas
10 #
Now $80
Shipping is Free for all US orders!!!

models are 18" long and 12" in diameter
Angle of the Flukes can be adjusted and sharpened
to your preference.

U.S. Patent Number 13/303,828

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